Software Engineer

At Well Resolutions Technology Inc, we focus on the development of innovative Logging-While-Drilling (LWD) tools and technologies for geosteering and formation evaluation applications in the oil and gas industry. One of our immediate goals is to bring to the market a best-in-class deep downhole measurement technology that oil and gas companies can utilize to analyze and evaluate the geology of any given conventional and unconventional petroleum resources. Our dedicated team is passionate about creating cutting-edge technologies that help redefine the landscape of the oil-field services industry. We accomplish our goal by building simplicity into our products and services to maximize reliability, robustness, and cost efficiency.

We have a Software Engineer position opening at our office in Houston, Texas. Our company has state of the art specialist expert core competencies in the development and supply of advanced hardware and associated software and consulting services to the oil and gas industries. Development of and coordination among diverse complex information systems and their associated engineering and business activities are highly important, and this has led to a substantial need for a Software Engineer. We anticipate that the candidate will be one of growth and product development for our company, and that the candidate's knowledge in planning, coordination, testing, and deployment of various relevant information systems will be of utmost importance to our Company's success.

Primary responsibilities:

1. Analyze, design, develop, and maintain our software products: LWD Measurement Analysis System, LWD Configuration and Communication Utility, and WRT Inventory System, in agreement with project technical and timing objects. Ensure that product code and artifacts are managed and safeguarded in a configuration management system in accordance with relevant procedures and guidelines. Assist in identifying and organizing requirements and producing specifications. Apply usability procedures and principles as defined by the projects or through customer input. Produce analyses, mathematical models, and designs and draw conclusions based on this information. Research into the methodologies for interpreting and analyzing LWD measurements and produce numerical algorithms. Build prototype, products, and systems suitable for testing. Design testing procedures and coordinate with others to perform tests. Conduct tests, document test results, develop client presentations, and present solutions to clients. Conduct and participate in technical reviews of requirements, specifications, design, code, and other artifacts. Ensure commitments are agreed to, reviewed, and met. Provide supports and prepare technical documentation to customers in a timely fashion. Contribute to design standard and support design reuse and also contribute to development plan by providing task estimates.

2. Create and maintain product documentations. Continually evaluate engineering approaches and risks to produce and iterate the development plans that ensure high-quality, low-cost products and systems. Keep abreast of novel technical concepts and markets. Learn new skills and adopt new practices readily in order to develop innovative and low-cost products that maintain Well Resolutions Technology's technical leadership position. Understand and provide technical solutions according to Well Resolutions Technology's strategies. Comply with applicable company policies.


This position requires a bachelor's degree in mathematics, science, or engineering.